Terms & Conditions


CUSTOM ORDERS: if you would like to order something special from me please send me an email to maria.tiano34@gmail.com. we can discuss in depth what you would like. I will send you an invoice confirming your order. from that day it will take a good 4-6 weeks depending where I am at in my process.

BROKEN PIECES: I pack the items very carefully, however if there is breakage that is my fault it will be my responsibility to replace the broken item. I will require return of the item so that I can check it and the return shipping costs are to be paid by purchaser. Please note that a replacement of the item could take a few weeks if the item has to be re-made.

CANCELING SALES - If you must cancel your sale you need to contact me and confirm your cancelation through convo or email within the 3-5 days before it is shipped..