Welcome to my first blog and the opening of my website! I wanted to say thank you for following me this far, but it is just the beginning. I am hoping to use this space to document my work as well as show you guys some of my techniques. I currently work mainly in porcelain but in college I worked with low fire clay, earthenware, and mid to high fire clay, stoneware. I learned how to use a raku kiln and smoke my pieces in cans, as well as pit firing with seaweed on the beach. One of my absolute favorite experiences was when we traveled into the woods on New Hampshire and did a 50 hour wood firing with a group of potters from the New Hampshire guild. I hope to return to these techniques, document them, and fill you in on all my notes. I look forward to tying out all the different things that ceramics has to offer. I know I have barely scratched the surface so I am very excited dig a little deeper. I am glad to have you all along for the ride! 

Maria Tianowelcome