About Maria Rose

Pottery By Rosie was created as a outlet for my creativity, gathering all of my pieces in one place and sharing them with the world. 

My work began in the year 2010, phasing in and out until 2013 when I declared my major in college as Ceramics. Since then my love and passion hasn't dwindled.

Currently, at the age 23 I am living at home where I have built a studio in the corner of my parents garage. I am extremely lucky to have my own wheel and kiln, with which I strive to explore the never ending facets of the ceraimc world.


Early Career

In high school and college I focused on functional works, learning the basics of the art and deepening my understanding of how clay as a medium works. 

Feature 2: 

 A coil pot made specifically for planting in. My first piece created in 2013 in my first in-depth ceramics class.


Feature 1

During my studies i created pieces with a soft open canvas space to paint on. During this project I worked with low fire clay, majolica and underglazes. 


Feature 4

I learned more technical skills working with porcelain creating tea pots and jars in 2015.  These pieces here were fired in a 50 hour wood firing in the mountains of New Hampshire. I hand made the handle with copper wire, drawing on the earthy tones of the firing. 


Feature 3

In the final years of my studies i began to focus on rounder shapes and longer necks. I also focused on creating my own glazes.I created multiples pieces to test and glazes on and work on the skill of making many pieces the same size.